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Top of Pole Mounts
At Home Energy our top of pole mounts are made out of 6063, and 5052 Aluminum. The combinations are known for their good framing strength, and corrosion resistance. All fasteners are made of stainless steel. The mounts are designed to tilt from 0° to 70° in 15° increments.

The user is required to supply the concrete and the pole for the TPM Mount. We recommend a steel schedule 40 pole that can be purchased from your local plumbing/steel supply store.

For use with our Sharp Panels

TPM1: SH-80, SH-123/130, SH-170/175
TPM2: SH-80, SH-123/130, SH-170/175
TPM3: SH-123/130, SH-170/175
TPM4: SH-123/130, SH-170/175
TPM6: SH-170/175